The Way Of The Way 249

In the play of life, “Terrific,” in Act 3 our body dies and we transition from this life experience to who we are after, which is as we are before our life begins in Act 1.

The transition is a two-step process, awakening and enlightenment.

Awakening is realizing the nature of consciousness, as we awaken from the dream-state created by mind and see things as they are. Freed from the illusionary world of meanings, categories and stories created by the self-serving mind, everything in the now is new and unique; not comparable to or viewed in the context of other things. The newness and uniqueness of everything is energizing. Awakened, we are happy we are alive, regardless of our circumstances. We see those taking their mind’s stories seriously as a performance comedy. Thus, much of life is funny

Enlightenment is the realization that everything (including us) is one thing, nothing. Enlightenment, unlike awakening which is experiencing everything in the now, is experiencing the universe in the present (the pre-sent); the time before the universe expresses itself, before every-thing is what it is whatever it is and before time begins. Enlightened, we realize every-thing, including seemingly sold objects, is actually electromagnetic energy waves that have been slowed down to create solid but temporary forms (M=E/C*C). Thus, realizing every-thing is energy (light) is called enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the realization of divine consciousness. We are one with everything; view the universe from infinite perspectives (wisdom) and embody compassion (love) as we treat others as ourselves, as they are indeed ourselves.

Enlightened, we are at peace, beyond words; but for the sound of “Shanti Shanti Shanti,” the peace beyond understanding.