VAT: Developing Taste

Taste is a matter of taste, though some tastes are rudimentary, some highly developed and some sophisticated.

A small number of us are born with a super-sensitive nervous system and a refined sense of taste. The rest of us have a rudimentary sense of taste; we can’t say more about a sensual experience than that we like it or not; often don’t particularly take note of the experience. We can however develop our sense of taste to highly developed or sophisticated.

Through “meditative tasting” we can develop taste. Meditative tasting is limiting a sensuous experience to one sensory channel (sight, sound, taste, smell or touch), having many such experiences and articulating these experiences.

Alternatively, some develop sophisticated tastes which are a mark of a sophisticated people. Sophisticated people, as in the word sophistry, are primarily focused on appearing knowledgeable and having fine tastes but ultimately their sense of taste is rudimentary as their focus is not on the sensual experience but on how they appear.