The Way Of The Way 267

As this blog references Taoist, Zen, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Hindu and other religious views, sometimes people ask to which of these religions do I adhere.

If anything, I am all of them than one of them; but, in any event, I know little about any of them.

The words and thoughts herein surround us all. I take no authorship. I just freely sing the songs of a master composer who by nature remains anonymous.

Classifying these songs misses the point of the blog; when our mind is classifying, we are distracted from listening and enjoying the songs.

As to religions, their basic message is the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated; for you and others are each a unique manifestation of the same thing; essentially, we are one. With this realization, we don’t need to identify with a religion. Without it, we are imprisoned by a religion or other social order that views itself apart and separate from others.