The Way Of The Way 278

God is an ambiguous concept, though many have claimed to have spoken with God or have had some direct experience with God. In Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, God is the perfect being; possessing power, wisdom, and goodness and is the creator and ruler of the universe.  In non-monotheistic and animist religions, a god affects human matters in various positive and negative ways. Moreover, in religions that imagine there is something other than nothing after our death, God is the guardian who determines who enters heaven.

As God has given us life and allows us to sustain ourselves, we need be grateful to God.

As God’s actions obviously have greater effect than ours on how our life unfolds, we should be humble and not overconfident that our knowledge and abilities will determine our fate on Earth.

As all things descend from God, we need to treat all of God’s creations in the best ways we treat ourselves.

When we are grateful, humble and treat others as we are one; we may never come to know God and its nature, but we are in heaven.