VAT: Meditating, the path to the clear light

I generally meditate three times a day; before first light, at 4:00 for five hours; then at 12:30 for 45 minutes and again at 21:00 for an hour or so. On occasion, I meditate some minutes here and there when the need arises. I’ve frequently meditated between courses at a restaurant. When my meditation session ends, I’m awakened, sometimes after a short meditation not knowing where I am or who I am, and energized with a deep appreciation of uniqueness of the simple and mundane, like the current of water coming from the sink faucet as I brush my teeth. I generally meditate in a supine position, though sitting when in a car or restaurant. In meditation I’m completely separated from this world of collectively familiar forms and memories and meanings; much of everything I experience in meditation is abstract, surreal or enigmatic. Most people would call my meditation sleeping and dreaming; perhaps so.

Like sleep, meditation is the experience of the space between conscious states of mind, before and after the meditation; like the space between breaths; like the true-present before our mind manifests the true-present as the present-passed. The empty space of meditation is a path to awakening to the light that is the essence of everything.