VAT: Recurring Dreams from childhood

When I was less than 7 years old, I had a recurring dream of the night sky with the Earth and stars suspended in the ether. I was above the Earth embracing someone, my soulmate, to whom I was connected via our navels. Then a bolt of lightening severed our connection and we both fell to Earth, no longer connected or in contact. This dream affected the trajectory of my life as my self-assigned mission on Earth was to find my original mate. In my journey I met few soulmates but many holes I’ve made whole. It’s been fun but maybe as a child the person I was seeking was my mother who was sleeping in the room next door and my journey was about pleasure seeking more than anything else.

Another recurring dream I had as a child was of an image of Earth partitioned into innumerable spaces or rooms. Each space contained people in various scenes and interactions and it was for me to choose which space to go into and engage in the scene accordingly. I must have been very young when I had this recurring dream because sometimes, depending on which room I chose to enter, when I awoke the bed was wet.