VAT: Self-serving is the road to self-destruction

Organizations like governments, businesses, NGOs, unions, etc. get their start by providing customers (or citizens as the case may be) with goods or services at a reasonable price. Once they perceive themselves firmly established, these organizations tend to become over-confident, self-important and self-serving. They view their customers as necessary evils. Soon after, the goods or services go down in quality while their prices go up. While this seems initially tolerable as the customers are buying out of habit rather than conscious choice, at some point an organization loses its customers’ favor. Simply, the customers feel that the organization doesn’t love them, so they don’t love them back. This starts the organizations’s long-term decline until it is no longer.

Self-serving is the road to self-destruction. While every organization’s demise is inevitable, if an organization can avoid self-destruction it’s likely to live longer.

Ultimately, organizations are abstract constructs, they don’t really exist. They are simply people working together. The fate of people is not different from that of organizations; serving others is the road to a long life.