VAT: The Suburbs

I’ve lived in New York City the past five years. The city has slowly decayed over that time and with the virus/quarantine has done so rapidly. At month’s end I’ll be moving to Greenwich, CT.

A few city-dwelling friends declared: “Wow, I can’t believe you’re moving to the burbs.” This view is hysterically funny; if not to them, then at least to me.

Greenwich is Greenwich, a certain geographic area. It’s on coastal waters, very green with plant-life and inhabited by people. The “burbs” is a conceptual categorization; ultimately meaningless but for those who choose to view the world in terms of empty stereotypes.  For those people, someone living in the burbs is beneath them economically and/or socially in that the suburbanite has chosen to live in a non-diverse, narrow-minded, pedestrian world which defines that person. That’s funny in that city-dwellers who hold such views are limited in their thinking, narrow-minded and pedestrian. They are below us for the reasons they look down on others. Who is us? The gods enjoying the play of life.