VAT: Who are you?

I am who I am. I am me. I am Victor or at least that’s the name people use to refer to me.

I am not white, black, Jew, Christian, Hindu, American, French, Japanese, Democrat, Republican, upper class or any other of innumerous categories. None of us is any of these things, unless we think we are. The categories are empty as no one is simply the person a category attempts to define. Each of us is far greater, one of infinite manifestations of God, than any category into which we or others place us. When we identify with a category we are as empty as the category itself.

“I am who I am” is how in the Bible God identifies himself to Moses.

All of us are God. However, we relinquish our god identity when we embrace category identities. God is beyond description and duality. Category identities create a dualistic self-view; that is, if we are in a certain category (say Jewish) then we are not in another category (say, Muslim). Category identities often lead to conflicts between those who identify with one category but not another. Ultimately, when our identities are categories or we view others in terms of categories, we are imprisoned in animal consciousness which keeps us from realizing our divine consciousness.