Animal and Divine Consciousness

Humans are a transitional species, part animal and part divine consciousness.

Animal consciousness is how we navigate through the finite world defined by our physical body and its time between birth and death. It is the world of us vs that which is other than us. It guides us through a Darwinian world of prey and predator, friend and foe. It’s essential nature is duality.

Divine consciousness is the realization that we are one with a universe of endless and ever-changing emanations and manifestations, eternal with no beginning and no end.

Using a cosmic metaphor, animal consciousness views the Earth as the center of the universe and divine consciousness views the sun, light, as the center.

Golden Rules apply to both animal and divine consciousness. In animal consciousness, he with the gold rules. In divine consciousness, do onto others as you would have others do onto you.

Animal consciousness is about living, divine consciousness is about loving. The difference between living and loving is the difference between “I” and “O.” “I” is hierarchical, each of us a point on a vertical line with others above and others below (the Great Chain of Being). It is inherently dualistic,  a competitive stress between points above and points below, as prey or predator.  “O” is continuous, with each of us a point coming together to form a circle. The points along the circle are interdependent and one with the circle.  This is love; connecting, creating and serving a greater whole. The circle is a shape that forms spaces within and without, mutually dependent as one cannot exist without the other; like a bubble in a glass of sparking water. But the spaces within and without the circle are an illusion as a circle is simply a circle, a continuous line with no beginning and no end.

Animal consciousness is limited, finite and imperfect as nothing is perfect but the universe as a whole. Divine consciousness is the realization our our perfection.

Humans are born as animals and socialized as animals. Yet, we have the potential to realize divine consciousness.  Often, this realization is as long-lasting as a spark; sometimes for long periods as a guiding light in our life. Ultimately, however, as long as we are in living form we are grounded in animal consciousness; animal consciousness is always in the mix of our consciousness, though not all ways. This is why it’s not shocking that there have been many sex scandals involving highly regarded presumably enlightened Zen masters. Those who are enlightened gaze at the sun, are one with its light and often oblivious to the shadows they cast on those nearby.