The Benefits of Anxiety

Anxiety is a state of mind that in extreme is debilitating, a great impediment to realizing our potential. Low levels of anxiety however can be beneficial.

Before making a significant decision (almost every choice in life can ultimately be significant if not in itself than in its consequences), high anxiety can cause us to freeze or panic which will unlikely result in us making a good choice.

Low levels of anxiety however can spur our imagination to envision many potentially negative consequences that can result from our choices. If after imaginable risks are considered and a choice still looks good, it’s a good choice as we can live with the outcome, come what may.

Moreover, when negative scenarios unfold, they generally unfold slowly then suddenly. As we cannot see what we cannot imagine, unless we envision a scenario before it unfolds, we are unlikely to see what’s coming until it is obvious to all and too late to do much about it. Imagining and then seeing scenarios before they fully unfold enables us to make the best of things to come.