Enlightenment is simply being one with the light. As everything is light and its infinite manifestations (E=M*C*C), when we are one with the light we are one with everything. We treat others as we wish to be treated because we and they are one. Moreover, those who are enlightened have multiple perspectives on whatever because they can view whatever from the perspectives of others with whom they are one, not solely from the perspective of their own finite selves. The first proposition is compassion and the second wisdom.

The enlightened  are free to experience the present as it unfolds. They dismiss the past as an illusion whose only purpose is to teach us from our mistakes and successes. Otherwise, stories about our past are stories, an illusion. Thus, the enlightened can experience the present unshackled by preconceived notions.

The enlightened also realize the transitory nature of  life and as such don’t take much seriously. They get a great laugh when they see others taking themselves seriously. In other words, they are one with the light and take things lightly.

The last characteristic of enlightened people is that the light they emanate unveils the true nature of the universe . This is the ultimate purpose of enlightenment, to not suffer in life or death.