Happy Birthday

Good Mourning

Upon awakening, it’s good mourning; time to briefly enjoy mourning the passing away of the person we were yesterday and all the people we were in days now passed; people now no longer but for a memory. It’s a time to reflect on their lives in a happy and funny, as in odd, light, learn from their experiences and not take their lives too seriously. Otherwise, we’ll be distracted from realizing our life’s purpose.

While meaningless, life is purposeful. Our purpose is to have a wonderful and happy experience, realize our divine potential and help others do likewise.


Happy Birthday

Upon awakening, we are reincarnated into a life seemingly familiar to our past lives, but unique. Each day is not another day in our life. It is life in a day, birth to death from awakening to sleep-death. As such, we have lived thousands of lives, each awakening a reincarnation. Everyday is our birthday, not a commemoration but our actual birthday.

So good mourning and good luck to us in realizing our life’s purpose today. Let’s live today as it’s our first day of life and experience everything as it truly is, new and unique. As well, let’s live as it’s our last day and do whatever we would regret not having done in this life if we are not reincarnated tomorrow. Let’s not do what we don’t need do today as otherwise we will regret having wasted our time and efforts if we are not reincarnated tomorrow.

Greeting everyone with “good mourning, happy birthday” may awaken some and get others to laugh, certainly making a good morning for everyone.


Good Evening

As we approach our sleep time, the life we have lived today is about to pass. It’s time to sleep, to transition from consciousness to sleep-death. We greet each other with “good even-ing” as everyone is now made even; the smart, the stupid, the rich, the poor; all equal and one in inevitable sleep-death, heaven; even in heaven.