An acronym (IIWIIWII) pronounced: I Y Y

A mantra: I why why! I why why?

A koan: I why why (why am I, why does the universe exist)?

The universe is revealed by one (uni) verse: IT IS WHAT IT IS WHATEVER IT IS.

“W” is “double U.” II-WII-WII is II-UU-II-UU-II.

The first “I” is me in my finite form, finite in time (birth to death) and space (my physical being). I as I show up in the everyday world in finite consciousness. (The etymology of finite is that which is finished.) It is a world delineated by descriptions (e.g.,the sky is the sky, you are you, etc.) and categories of experiences and stories our mind creates to make sense of  our experience of life. The second “I” is the infinite (the not finished); the ever-changing, eternal I; the I that has no birth or death, just transitions; the I that is one with the universe.  I am the finite and the infinite. The first “U” is you in your finite form. The second “U” is you as a portal to the infinite universe.

The finite is the face or tangible manifestation of the universe and the infinite the ever-changing, evolving universe. While seemingly dualities (the finite and infinite I, I and the universe, I and U), I and you and the universe are one.

The universe is like a coin with obverse and reverse sides. The obverse side is what we observe. It represents the finite world wherein we live our everyday lives. It is a world of our head’s (mind’s) creation. It is a familiar, orderly world of memories, role-playing, identities, meanings, symbols, stories and interactions with others; a world of duality as we identify as apart and separate from that which is not us. This is a world of animal consciousness. This world is critical to navigating through the tangible world and engages much of our attention.

The reverse side represents the infinite, the not finished, evolving universe. The infinite unfolds at speeds beyond our abilities to directly experience it, remember or describe it; doing so is like trying to drink from a fire hose.

The obverse and reverse sides are mutually dependent as one cannot exist without the other.

On the coin’s edge, sometimes called the third side, is a double helix with the letters II-UU-II-UU-II.

When the coin is flipping in the air it rotates too rapidly for us to see its obverse, reverse or third side. But we can simply delight in its movement. There are no words to describe it,  just one verse: IT IS WHAT IT IS WHATEVER IT IS.

We view the obverse side of the universe through mind. Mind is like a pond reflecting different images depending on where along the perimeter of the pond we are stationed and our state of mind (calm or agitated); thus, infinite images of the obverse side can be observed. For example, when clouds are moving above the pond they appear differently to each of us depending on where we are stationed and our state of our mind.  Moreover, the clouds appear differently from the perspective of the sun, sky, plants, animals and all else.  To view the clouds from infinite perspectives is the consciousness of the universe. When we merge our mind with the consciousness of the universe we are one with everything. Having infinite perspectives is the essence of wisdom. Being one with the universe is the essence of compassion, treating all and everything as we treat ourselves.

The moment we awaken to the nature of the universe (the realization that we are both finite and infinite and one with the universe) we are present. In the present, everything is unique as at this moment nothing else exists or ever existed. As the presence is unique, it cannot be compared to anything else; it cannot be described; of it can only be said: “It IS WHAT IT IS WHATEVER IT IS.” This is as one would describe God and God’s personification in finite forms such as you and me.

Thus, as said Lao Tzu: “He who speaks does not know, he who knows does not speak.”