Short Path To Happiness

There are two paths to happiness, the long and the short way.

The long way is gratitude, optimism and freeing ourselves from our karmic prisons. Gratitude is being thankful for the circumstances in which we find ourselves, regardless of how dire, as we know that things could always be worse. However, it is often difficult to be grateful because our mind easily distracts us to selfishly focusing our attention on our plight and not the more overwhelming suffering of others. Optimism, especially during relatively difficult times, seems a reasonable attitude as all things tend to regress to the mean; better times follow difficult times, sooner or later. This is like a negative feedback loop. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for us to be optimistic as many of us are prone to thinking in positive feedback loops, that difficult times will lead to even greater difficulties, which makes us see the light at the end of the tunnel not as the end of the darkness in which we find ourselves but as a train coming at us. Karma is thoughts we associate with our intentions, actions and the consequences of our actions in our past lifetimes. (Past lifetimes are the past days of our life as each day is a lifetime, not a day in a life.) Karma does not allow us to experience the present as it unfolds as karma defines what we see. Karma is seeing through the filter of our mind, not with our eyes. Thus, karma imprisons us from experiencing the present as it is. Fear of experiencing the present as it is, without the delusional comfort of collective and personal meanings karma assigns to things, makes escaping from our individual karmic prisons very difficult. Many years of meditation, a long process, can help us escape.

The short way to happiness is simple: love all others as we love ourselves, the Golden Rule. When we truly love all others as ourselves, we in turn feel everyone loves us; we feel one with everything; a calm, peaceful, joyful state of mind. We are grateful and happy.

It might seem difficult to unconditionally love all others as at times some people treat us as if they loathe, not love, us. However, we nonetheless love them, optimistic and knowing that if they don’t love us now, they’ll love us later. We don’t hate them, we feel badly for them because they simply don’t get it. As well, we know they don’t love us because they suffer from a mental disorder that precludes them from loving others or simply because they are animals locked in a karmic zoo and have not realized divine consciousness.