IAWIA, the initials of “I am who I am.”

Acronym: “I why?” (ia-wia).

Why do I exist? Why am I here?

There is only I and there is no why.

It is what it is whatever it is.

Whoever shall come to know this revelation will not suffer death.


The universe is a glass of sparkling water.

Each of us a bubble that seems to come out of nowhere,

takes a unique journey to the top of the glass

and then seems to disappear.

We don’t disappear.

We become one with everything

as we are before we appear as bubbles.


My name, until recently, was Victor Teicher. Teicher is a German name. In German, “teich” means to ponder; hence, Teicher is a ponderer. That’s what I do, ponder what I see in reflections from the universal mind which is like a reflecting pond. In English, a digraph (two letters together that are pronounced as only one of the letters) made of two vowels is pronounced as the first vowel with the second vowel silent. Thus, in English, Teicher would be pronounced as “teacher.” Teaching, sharing what I have come to know from reflecting, is the purpose of this blog. Moreover, Teicher as pronounced in German (wherein the second vowel of the digraph is pronounced) is likewise pronounced in Japanese as “taisha.” Taisha is the large ancient shrine in Japan where all the gods meet annually. Finally, the etymology of  “Victor” is “conqueror.” The purpose of this blog is to conquer the self, our individual identity that’s based on our individual mind, which imprisons us; precluding us from experiencing the world through the universal mind.

Recently, I changed my first name to Vector, a directional arrow; for my aim is to point the way out of our mind’s prison. Once our self is conquered and our mind is freed, we are selfless in our interactions with others. What remains is the eternal soul of which our life is but one of infinite temporary manifestations. As the eternal soul, we are God and anyone who doesn’t recognize us as God doesn’t recognize that they too are God. Moreover, in mathematics, “i” represents an “imaginary unit” and “e” represents Euler’s number which is a transcendental number, whatever those mathematic concepts mean. Likewise, my transitioning from Victor to Vector is a transition from the imaginary to the transcendental.

P.S. I claim no ownership of the words and thoughts in this blog as I am merely a conduit for the author who is us.