Are you a rock, paper or scissors?

Rock-paper-scissors is a game dating to antiquity. It is also a metaphor for the evolution of the universe. The initial forms of the universe were rocks, like eggs of various sizes from a pebble to a planet. Over time, life arose. Paper, which is organic, represents life. Humans, the most evolved life form, eventually created technology, like scissors, to serve their economic needs and empower their aggressive efforts to dominate one another.

In the game, one’s fist represents rock, an open hand represents paper and the index and middle fingers spread open represents scissors. A fist is a symbol of oneness, the essential nature of the universe. An open hand (like a welcoming handshake) represents openness and cooperation which is an essential element for the development of civilization. The two fingers separated look like a fork, a beneficial and potentially aggressive tool.

In the game, paper trumps rock, scissors trumps paper and rock trumps scissors. Likewise, civilization trumps nature, technology trumps civilization and nature trumps technology. Civilization from its beginnings in agrarian societies has to its self benefit overcome nature. Technology (while necessary and beneficial in the development of complex civilization) is often a force used in the mass destruction of civilization. Nature, in the form of an asteroid or sun storm flares (see Carrington Event of 1859) hitting the Earth, will destroy technology (electric grid, GPS systems, etc.) and in turn much of civilization that depends on technology.

So what do you identify with, rock, paper or scissors; nature, civilization or technology?