Who are you?

How do you show up in the first person, as ” I ” or ” i ” or ” eye “?

” I ”  like the number 1 suggests integrity but also separates the world into parts right and left (right and wrong) which implies duality. As a capital letter it represents self-importance and a symbol of the ego which is a construct that has us perceive ourselves as different from others.

” i ” suggests a separation between head and body; that we experience the world conceptually, not as a sensory experience. ” i ” also looks like a body and a sun or star above it, suggesting man is grounded on Earth and there is an independent spiritual realm above. As a lower case letter, ” i ” implies humility.

The word ” eye ” as written looks like a nose with a pair of eyes, suggesting we show up as a face and connect with the world around us by breathing and observing.

” I ” is an animal. ” i ” is a spiritual being. ” eye ” is a unique being in harmony with the world.