What We See Everywhere But Rarely Notice

Everything we see is light, light reflected off what appears as individual objects.

We rarely notice the light except as glare off a shiny surface, a car’s headlights,the sun and the moon.

Light is energy traveling through space. As it slows, light transitions into unique and infinite physical manifestations, objects*. Whether as light or as objects, light is all there is; yet we rarely notice it.

But the individual objects are an illusion. They are created by our mind. If not, we would be overwhelmed by the light and dysfunctional. Objects are like images from a movie projector that are made real by our mind.

*The relationship between the physical manifestations of the universe and its light/energy essence is implied by the equation E=M*C*C, Energy ((E) is equal to Mass (M) multiplied by the Speed of Light (C) squared). When Mass is accelerated to the Speed of Light squared, it becomes Energy. Likewise, Mass is Energy slowed down (divided) by the Speed of Light squared. In other words, when Energy (light) slows down it transitions into Mass of infinite tangible manifestations.