The Way Of The Way 324

Each of us is the soul covered by a self.

Some of us realize we are the soul and some identify with a self.

Both the soul and self express themselves emotionally.

The soul is expressed as unconditional eternal love.

Alternatively, a self is versatile and appears as many emotional expressions that often change; anger, joy, sadness, hate, fear, surprise, envy, etc.

While soul can only appear as love, the self can appear in many different emotions, including love. When a self is expressing love, it is actually masquerading as the soul. It does this in an effort to gain something from someone to whom their love is expressed.

As they love all, those who realize they are soul often can’t distinguish between those who are the soul and those who are masquerading as the soul; as it’s often difficult to tell whether someone is full of light or full of shit, unless one is full of shit.