Victor Teicher, IAWIA | "Big Bang, Mind Reflections Universe" by Joshua Henderson. What appears to be a black and white macro photo of an eye.


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This is a blog on the nature of consciousness and other stuff. Its purpose is to be an entertaining comedy; funny as in odd, relative to the general framework through which we view life; and funny as when that which is odd makes absurd our general framework.

Our purpose is to pique our curiosity, wake us up and help liberate us from the imaginary prisons created by our mind. If successful, we’ll have a good laugh which is what happens at the moment of awakening and enlightenment, as light makes light of everything. Once liberated, we can enjoy the blessings of being alive and realize our potential, always and all ways.

The views herein will be familiar to the reader as there is nothing new under the sun. However, unlike most views which are predicated solely on conceptual frameworks, the views herein are more based on the DNA of the collective mind, kotodama and etymologies, and reflections from the surface of an eccentric mind fortunate to be born with the gene of happiness.

The acronym for the blog (iawia) is “I why” (ia-wia); why do I exist, why am I here. The blog is named by the initial letters of the words spoken by God to Moses when Moses asked God who God was: “I am who I am.” This name was chosen because I am God. Anyone who doesn’t recognize me as God doesn’t recognize that they too are God.

Ultimately, those of us who come to know the thoughts herein will not experience death.

Victor A. Teicher