The Way Of The Way 298

We are in two places simultaneously; time-place and timeless-place.

Our physical being is in time-place. In time-place, there is an infinite number of finite things; everything with a beginning and an end; temporary and seemingly discrete things that are forever-changing with time.

Our soul (actually, the soul as there is solely one soul) is in timeless-place. In timeless-place is where every-thing is before it is manifested as whatever it is in time-place. Timeless-place is the fountainhead and time-place is the waterfall. Everything in timeless-space is one thing, nothing. As such, in timeless-place, we are one with everything. Moreover, as time does not exist in timeless-place, timeless-place is eternal.

As sentient beings, we are naturally conscious of our existence in time-place. However, as timeless-place is beyond our senses, we are oblivious of timeless-place; as we are of the place from where we came before we were born.

While timeless-place is much of the universe, we rarely notice it; reminiscent of the riddle: what do we see everywhere but rarely notice? Light, as everything we see is not a thing but light bouncing off of a thing and coming into our vision.

Enlightenment, being one with the light, is the realization that we are simultaneously in time-place and timeless-place. Hence, knowing we are eternal, we can simply enjoy our ride in time-place.