Duality is the inherent state of sentient beings. At birth, we are separated from having been one with everything in the womb to being finite beings; finite in time (birth to death) and space (our physical form). Our reaction to this separation is crying as now we begin life in the context of duality; I am me and everything else is not me. This sets us up for adversarial relationships between the me and not me which reinforce duality. Duality is stressful and distracts from us realizing our purpose in life: to have a wonderful experience, to realize our potentials as animal and divine consciousness and to help others likewise.

Enlightenment dispels duality. Enlightenment is the realization that we are one of infinite, unique manifestations of light and we and the light are one. As one with everything, there is no duality. As when the light comes on in a movie theater and the images on the big screen fade and soon disappear, enlightenment renders duality an illusion. Once duality disappears, we can devote our time and energies to realizing our purpose in life.