The Way Of The Way 319

Before we are whom we are whomever we are, we are but soul.

Creation, our birth, is a manifestation of soul in bodily form.

Orchestrating our bodily form is the self.

Ergo, our principal identities are the self and the soul.

As self, we perceive who we are as independent and finite beings. Essentially, we are selfish; thinking we are apart and separate from others and need to prioritize our wellbeing above that of others.

As soul, we are one with every-thing as we realize every-thing is a temporary, ever-changing, interdependent manifestation of soul. Moreover, we  experience the universe as it is, as soul has no memories (the venue of the self) that compare one thing to another. As well, as soul is one, we interact with other manifestations of soul with wisdom and compassion.

Soul is heaven, where all souls connect after the demise of bodily forms. Heaven is a peaceful, happy place as it’s the same place everything is before it is; the place before creation, about which there has never in recorded history been a complaint.

At our bodily death, the self is no longer and only the soul remains as it is forever. That is, those whose principal identity is self will surely die and those who realize they are soul will remain eternal.

In life, the soul is shrouded with layers and layers of self. Ipso facto, the soul becomes distant (as in many lifetimes ago) and little part of our consciousness; ultimately, a lost soul. Upon our bodily death, it takes much time and effort to find our soul which is how we transport to heaven. Those who live with little self-stuff covering their soul don’t need travel to heaven as they are in heaven.