Happy Birthday

Every night at sleep-time we die. Every morning upon awakening we are born. Each day is not a day in a life, it is a life in a day. Thus, we’ve lived thousands of lives before our reincarnation today upon awakening.

Before sleep-death, we acknowledge each other with “good evening;” that is, “good even-ing” for in sleep-death everyone (the smart, the stupid, the rich, the poor) is even, equal.

In sleep-death, our soul leaves our body and merges with the universal soul, which in some traditions is called God. When the soul returns to our body, we are born.

Upon awakening, we greet each other and ourselves with “good morning;” that is, “good mourning,” have a good time mourning the people you were in past lifetimes (yesterday and all days now passed) by remembering them in the light of wisdom and compassion; but, don’t identify their life experiences as your own.

Upon awakening and before we assume the roles and circumstances of the person we were yesterday,  we recite out loud the Mourning Prayer. The Mourning Prayer acknowledges God’s creation, the universe, and expresses our gratitude for the life and consciousness we have been given which allows us to be one with God. Moreover, we declare that we are free from karma (our intentions, actions and consequences in past lifetimes (days of our life)) and look forward to realizing our purpose in life: to have a wonderful experience, realize our potential of divine consciousness and help others likewise.


Mourning Prayer

Oh eternal universe

Oh endless universe

Oh ever-changing universe

Oh timeless universe

Oh universe of infinite finite things.

Thank you for granting me today a role in the play of life.

The people I’ve been and the roles I’ve played in days passed,

my prior lives,

are illusions in the seemingly real form of memories.

Now, I am who I am

and every thing is what it is whatever it is.

Regardless of circumstances,

I am grateful for however my life unfolds today,

hopeful to realize divine consciousness before I’m scripted out of the play,

happy helping others awaken to their good fortune

and laughing at my efforts to realize that which is always here.

Shanti Shanti Shanti


We recite the mourning prayer aloud, again and again and again, until we feel it and truly awaken. Then, hopefully, we won’t forget who we are as we make our way through this day of life with the peace that comes from not taking our self too seriously; as we know that our self, which will die in the even-ing when our soul departs, is not who we are.

At day’s end, it is time for the Even-ing Prayer before our sleep-death.


Even-ing Prayer

Oh eternal universe

oh ever-changing universe

oh timeless universe

oh endless universe.

Thank God for my  role in the universe

and for now,


when my soul joins God

which is what every-thing is before it is the universe.

Shanti Shanti Shanti


As few remember that every day is our birthday, we should remind whomever we meet with the greeting: “Happy birthday.” Whether they recognize today as their birthday or not, they will undoubtedly have a laugh. What better gift can we give someone on their birthday?