Mourning and Evening, a life in a day

Good mourning,

Yes, mourning. Let’s have a good time mourning the person we were yesterday who is now no longer. Let’s not take that person too seriously, otherwise we’ll be distracted from realizing our life’s purpose.

The purpose of life is to have a wonderful time, realize our potential of divine consciousness and likewise help others.

Good evening,

It’s time to sleep, to transition from consciousness to sleep-death, as the life we lived today has now passed. It is time for the evening, as everyone is now made even; the smart, the stupid, the rich, the poor; all equal as we enter the inevitable sleep-death that awaits us.

What remains unchanged is our soul. While our daily personal lives are finite, our souls are eternal. When we transition, our souls connects with all souls as one. The soul is ineffable, though some call it god.

Today is not a day in a life; it is life in a day, birth to death from dawn to dusk. We have lived and died thousands of times as each day is a life onto itself. Each awakening is a reincarnation. Everyday is our birthday, not a commemoration but our actual birthday.

So let’s have a good mourning and realize our purpose this day which is the entirety of our life. Let’s live today as our first day of life and experience everything as new and unique which is what it is whatever it is. Let’s live today as our last day of life and do whatever we would regret not having done if we are not reincarnated tomorrow. And let’s delay doing anything we don’t need do today and leave it for tomorrow as we would be wasting our time if we are not here tomorrow. Let’s not kill time until time kills us, waiting for evening when everyone is evened out.