The Now

The now is eternal.

The now is ever-changing.

The now is all there is.


As every-thing is everything,

the now is one thing, the now.


As every-thing in the now is unique,

ever-changing forms and colors,

the now is overwhelming.


The now does not know the past

as the past does not exist.

Memories of the past are an illusion.

Yet, the past informs and defines the now,

allowing us to survive in the overwhelming now.


The past anchors us in the sea of the now.

Letting go the anchor,

the past is passed,

leaving us adrift at sea.

Our only refuge is the present, the pre-sent,

where every-thing is before it is in the now,

before time exists.


In the calmness of the pre-sent

the now no longer overwhelms

as we and the now are one.