Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry characterized by its simplicity, elegance, and focus on capturing moments of beauty and inspiration in nature, inviting readers to contemplate the essence of existence and appreciate the transient beauty of the natural world.

Haiku 92

Under the sun

we see the world through the self.

In the night sky

we see the soul.


Haiku 71

Time is like water,

drink it or it evaporates.

Haiku 86

Every thing is two things,

a reflection of light and a shadow.

Yet, the source of the light is one thing.

Haiku 91

The light we see disappears in an instant

yet the path of light is eternal.

Haiku 90

In the white light

we are free to see things right.

Yet our mind is like a prism

that puts us in a prison.

We see things as red, yellow or blue

but that’s simply not true.

Haiku 88

The soul and the self are complimentary.

The soul emits energy.

The self absorbs energy.

Haiku 86

Every thing is two things,

a reflection of light and a shadow.

Yet, as each cannot be without the other,

they are one thing.

Haiku 85

$38 can of paint

brushed on a canvass, priceless

spilled on the floor, worthless.

Haiku 84

The road ahead is very clear,

as the light reveals all that’s near.

Shadows form from light that’s passed,

as what is now doesn’t last.

Haiku 23

Stars seem motionless, timeless.

Only constellations tell time, near and far.

Time of night, month of year.

Haiku 76

The sun is the source of all love.

Our soul loves the light of the sun.

Our self loves the warmth of the sun.

Haiku 67

Verbs are fluid, time passing.

Nouns are imaginary moments frozen in time.

Verbs are the now, nouns something else.

Haiku 63

Good or bad,

wrong or right,

left or right.

What’s just black or white is colorless.

Haiku 61

A bell ringing in the empty sky.

Its sound still here, after it’s not.

Much ringing from times now passed.

Can’t see the sun on a noisy day.

Haiku 5

There’s nothing new under the sun.

All there is is the Burning Bush,

ever-changing flames and eternal branches.

Haiku 87

As my self

I see the world.

As the soul

I see the universe.


Haiku 49

Every eye is unique.

Yet, the reflection of my face

the same in every pupil.

Haiku 48

The universal mind is a reflecting pond.

Each of us sits along its perimeter.

One thing, many perspectives.

Haiku 62

When we forget from where we come,

we know not where we are going.

Not knowing what we are,

we go the way of others.

Haiku 3

The mind is a reflecting pond,

but do I see my true face

as backward letters hard to read?

Haiku 6

So much depends upon

five baby rubber ducks

walking behind a red rooster.

Haiku 65

There is no fountainhead, river or sea

just something flowing freely, whatever it be.

Haiku 73

Under the sun and without the self

we would surely starve to death.

Those who forget we are the soul

cannot survive death, the black hole.

Haiku 21

From nothing comes the now and to nothing becomes the now.

Relative to the now that is coming and the now that once was, the now that is now is so infinitesimally small that it can’t be seen.

So we look to the now is coming and the now that once was.

But all we see is the now we created.

Haiku 59

Gently rafting down river.

Calm as the pulse in my veins.

Rapids approach, pulse quickens.

Haiku 58

With the eye of the sun,

we see things as they are.

Yet our eyes see only illusions.

Haiku 57

Love from the soul connects all as a whole.

Love from the self takes us into a black hole.

Haiku 56

Many see what looks to be

the distant river flowing into the sea,

yet what I see is me.

Haiku 69

I am eye

a pupil studying the world

filtered by the unique colors and patterns of my iris.

Haiku 54

After the purple crayon didn’t taste like a grape,

no grape tasted like a grape.

Haiku 53

Our pupils are like stars and black holes.

As stars like the sun, they reveal everything.

Yet, whatever light enters them can never to be seen again.

Haiku 51

The sun is the eye of the soul,

revealing all through our pupil, a black hole.

As our iris filters the light of the sun,

we each see differently which makes life fun.

Haiku 46

Big buddha statue sits in silent meditation.

Tears of bird droppings encrusted on his cheeks.

Some sit at his feet with offerings and prayers

while boy Buddha laughs, swimming in the reflecting pond.

Haiku 70

Each of us is a self that covers the soul.

Like a shoe, the self is the visible surface atop the sole.

However shiny and polished, a shoe is useless without a sole

as we can’t be what we are without the soul.

Haiku 72

As my eyes can see,

every thing I see looks beautiful.

Seeing through my mind,

few things beautiful.

Haiku 73

Before the now,

before the world of form,

the soul is whole.

In the now

the soul is countless forms and roles

and we forget the soul

until once again we become whole.

Haiku 74

We are temporarily on Earth,

awaiting our turn to go to heaven.

But there is no wait

when we make Earth like heaven.

Haiku 75

I thought an ant infinitesimally small and meaningless,

until I saw the night sky and realized I was.

Haiku 18

The light of the moon can guide our way.

The light of the sun is the way.

Haiku 2

Bell ringing in the empty sky

bouncing sound

awakens me to time passing.

Haiku 42

There is many a way

to a place far away.

Yet the Great Way

is here, not away.

Haiku 41

Holding something tight,

our hand forms a fist.

Letting go, it’s a handshake.

Haiku 40

A coin is integrity,

its different sides duality.

A coin is worth something,

its sides worth nothing.

Haiku 26

Guru and I shared stories.

His stories, histories.

My stories, mysteries.

So quickly, roles reverse.

Haiku 22

The mind is the night sky.

Stars are events we remember.

Imaginary lines form constellations,

guiding our way at sea.

Haiku 20

The sun is rising and setting

simultaneously and continuously.

Day and night is about space, not time.

Haiku 19

Birth is fission.

Love is fusion.

Fusion is a greater explosion than fission.

Haiku 17

We come from a black hole

arrive with a big bang

make fireworks

then turn into confetti.

Haiku 16

It is what it is whatever it is.

What it is is of no matter.

What matters is that it is.

Haiku 72

When past is passed

it is over and under, finished and buried.

When past is past

it is over and over, hanging over the present.

Haiku 9

I am a vertical thread.

You are a horizontal thread.

We weave in and out, until we disappear

and now a fabric is here.

Haiku 82

In the darkest moments

the stars are brightest

if we look to the sky.

Haiku 82

When I am me and you are you

and I am you and you are me,

we are the everything.

Haiku 80

In the box, like a jigsaw puzzle we’re one and whole.

Out of the box, we break apart; pieces and pieces, each unique.

Madly scurry the pieces to find their mates

until no piece remains, but the peace from being whole.

Haiku 7

In the night sky,

looking for constellations

we notice few stars.

Haiku 75

An ice cube alone melts and evaporates quickly.

Many ice cubes together, slowly.

Haiku 65

In the zoo, beautiful tigers and playful elephants.

Strolling in their cages, we see their nature and ours.

Haiku 1

As the thirsty child

drinks from the inkwell,

his parents turn white.

Haiku 12

Fertilizer makes roses smell sweet and bloom.

With too much, it’s stink and doom.