Way Of Way 436

“Now that I no longer desire all, I have it all without desire.”– St. John of the Cross

Way Of Way 435

“In the beginning…God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” —  Genesis 1:1-3

Every thing subsequently is a derivative or an illusion.

Way Of Way 434

The now that is now is the ancestor of the now that will be later.

When we are grateful and love the now that is now, as our ancestors, the now that will be later is poised to bring us happiness; for when we are loving and grateful, we are filled with happiness.

WoW 431

Everything is in the now. Yet, when you miss something in the now, something is missing: you.

WoW 426

The messiah is here, but is hiding; yet, revealed through our acts of kindness to all, treating others as we treat our selves.

Within each of us is the messiah, hiding behind our self.

WoW 429

“The Great Way” to liberation (awakening and enlightenment) is like the infinite paths of light that lead to the sun. Yet, “The Great Way” is unlike these paths of lights, as it is the realization that the light that’s here is the light that’s there.

WOW 433

“[C]ynic…a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing…a sentimentalist…is a man who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn’t know the market price of a single thing.” — Oscar Wilde

A cynic doubts the value of everything; hence, he accepts values based on market prices. For example, he accepts that a Rolls Royce is worth $400K because that’s the price at which a willing buyer and seller agree, regardless of the relative merits of the car or its cost of production. A sentimentalist values everything based on personal feelings and thoughts without regard to the reality of prices determined in the marketplace. For example, a sentimentalist might be unwilling to sell for $10K a ring received as a gift and replaceable for $1K.

The cynic values things empirically, it is what it is whatever it is. The sentimentalist values things based on concepts and theories that rarely comport with reality.

Successful traders are cynical. They tend to view the current price of something as the best predictor of its price in the immediate future. Thus, they buy and sell things based on price trends. As something is moving higher in price they buy more and more of it at higher and higher prices. When the price trend breaks, they liquidate their positions at whatever the prevailing prices. Thus they buy high and sell low.

Successful investors are sentimental. They believe the value of something is a function of its relative value and cost of production. That belief allows them to continue buying something as its price declines while whatever they purchased previously is worth less than they paid. In this way they buy on average at lower prices. Likewise, as prices rise they sell. They buy low and sell high.

Successful traders tend to realize greater returns over time than successful investors. Moreover, successful traders have a lover volatility of returns than successful investors. However, successful trading is simply more difficult a task than successful investing.

From a political perspective, a cynic is the capitalist and the sentimentalist is the socialist. The cynic applies a cost/benefit analysis to government programs, while the socialist considers the benefits without the direct, indirect and opportunity costs of the programs. Moreover, the cynic perceives government programs as self-serving to those espousing and implementing the programs, while the sentimentalist views the programs solely in terms of their beneficial objectives. Essentially, the capitalist is rational and self-serving, while the socialist is an emotional do-gooder. Ultimately, the capitalist is frustrated by the socialist’s inability to see what the capitalist feels is common sense (economics) and the socialist feels that the capitalist simply “doesn’t get it;” that is, we all live in a community and need serve the community (high taxes) which in turn cares for its members (welfare).

On a personal level, sentimentalists are emotional and cynics are practical; symbolically represented by fire and water. Fire hates and fears liquid water and tries to make it disappear by turning it into vapor.


The Way of the Way (WoW) is the nature of the way to awakening and enlightenment. The sound of “WoW” is made when we pucker our lips like when making a kiss.

WoW 426

Love that arises from the self is conditional love. Love from the soul is unconditional love.

When we love a particular person or thing, that’s conditional love; that is, love conditioned on that person or thing being who or what they are.

Unconditional love is love of everyone or thing as they are or as it is. Though there may be some people or things we don’t like, we nonetheless love them.

Cosmic love, the nexus of conditional and unconditional love, is an orgasm.

WoW 425

As children we need to be loved, for we will surely die without the help of others who presumably will help us because they love us.

At the end of days, we need to love everyone and everything, for otherwise we will surely die if we are not one with the everything.

Way Of Way 421

It is not the fittest (most able) or the fattest (wealthiest) who are most likely to survive; it is those who are finest at identifying changing environments and either adapting to change or changing their environment.

Way Of Way 420

Regardless of whether we perceive ourselves winners or losers in the games that make up our lives, we all receive a great consolation prize: the transition to eternal heaven.

However, the transition can be difficult, unless we’ve prepared by making life on Earth like heaven.

WoW 424

It’s easy to equally divide a pie without knowing math, but impossible when you know the math of pi.

Way of Way 419

The play of life is a great cosmic joke for those who “get it.” Those who don’t are the butt of the joke.

Those who “get it” love those who don’t; for without those who don’t, the play wouldn’t be funny.

As well, those who “get it” express their gratitude and respect to the ones who don’t; for if those who don’t “get it” abandoned their roles, the ones who “get it” might find themselves recruited for the most difficult roles, the roles of the ones who don’t.

Way of Way 418

In the play of life, we are both the actors and the audience.

Wonderful entertainment for all but those who forget they are also the audience.

Way of Way 378

Someone who asks a question wants to learn.

Someone who has an answer wants to teach.

Someone who asks you a question and provides you with an answer wants to sell you something.

Way of Way 388

In the Bible, Moses comes upon a Burning Bush whose flames are everchanging yet its branches unburnt, eternal. The Burning Bush represents God. When Moses asks God who God is, God responds: “I am what I am.”

“Am” is not an “it,” but an “is.” God is not a noun; for if God is a particular thing, then God is not another thing; yet, God is the everything in the now. God is the most general of verbs (to be), the ever-changing and eternal now; the Burning Bush.



Way of Way 387

We know our dreams are only what our memories tell us they are; but forget our waking life is also but a memory, as our experience of the now is no longer the now.

Truly awake, we know both our dreams and waking life are memories.

Way of Way 405

Life is a test to which we are given all the answers before taking the test. But once we get started, we focus so much on the test that we forget the answers. Hence, better to remember the answers and take the test less seriously. That is, better not too take life too seriously which is one of the answers to the test.

Way of Way 408

Intellectuals are undoubtedly smart, but lack wisdom when they think they are smarter than others.

Way of Way 386

To the curious mind, awareness of its ignorance is bliss.

Way of Way 385

Desiring what we don’t have distracts us from appreciating what we have.

Way of Way 385

Those who “get it” are eternal. Those who don’t “get it” never die, as they have never lived.

WoW, 429

Talking about others, we are talking about our self; for the self creates the others.

WoW 427

As no one has ever complained about the night sky, the universe must be heaven and Earth must be hell.

WoW 430

Soulful love is the joy of feeling how someone emanating love feels.

Selfish love is basking in the love showered upon us by others.

Wow 428

Ignorance is bliss; temporary bliss for those who think they know what they don’t and eternal bliss for those who are curious.

Way of Way 384

We cannot choose our future, but we can choose how we remember the past which frames how we experience the future.

Way of Way 383

Courtesy of Marc Faber, in a cartoon of a college class a professor asks the students: “Who hates the rich?” Everyone in the class raises their hands. Then, the professor asks: “Who wants to be rich?” Everyone raises their hands.

Those who hate the rich, and yet want to be rich, hate themselves as they are not who they want to be.

The truly rich are those who gratefully accept who they are and make the most of it.

Way of Way 382

The rich think the poor are lazy and the poor think the rich were just lucky.

They are both right.

Those who work 40 hours/week get paid accordingly and receive 40 lottery tickets. Those who work 60 hours/week receive 200 lottery tickets. Those who work 75 hours/week receive 400 lottery tickets. As well, the rich are more conscientious in checking their tickets for winning numbers.

Way of Way 381

The soul and the hole makes us whole.

When the love of the soul and the love of the self cross in sexual union, it’s a cosmic orgasm; what it feels to be whole, one with the everything.

Way of Way 379

Love connects us with the everything, while the self separates us from the everything.

Way of Way 378

The Earth is rotating at 1,037 miles/hour and revolving around the sun at 66,616 miles/hour. Our solar system is revolving around the center of the Milky Way galaxy on average at 514,000 miles/hour. The Milky Way is moving towards the Andromeda Galaxy at 1,339,200 miles/hour.

Moving at incomprehensible speeds and in various directions simultaneously, how can our senses inform us of reality; but for our mind slowing everything down and in turn making of things what it will?

Way of Way 377

Conditional love is loving some things and not others. It is ecstasy, as it’s preceded and followed by other emotional states.

Unconditional love is loving the everything. It is peacefulness, as we are connected to the everything and appreciate every thing.

Way of Way 375

All emotional states, other than love, are a form of selfishness. Love too is selfishness when it connects us with some things but not every thing. Soulful love is love of one thing: the everything.

Way Of Way 374

No one is getting out of here alive, but those who realize they are the everything.

Way Of Way 373

Many a thank you is heard in the Rewards Department.

Many complaints in the Complaint Department.

God runs the Rewards Department and the Devil runs the Complaint Department.

Way Of Way 371

In the past and future are an infinite number of things. The now is only one thing.

Way Of Way 370

Those who rejoice reflecting the brightest light are often oblivious they cast the darkest shadows.

Way Of Way 367

Fake artworks are real, but real artworks are often fake.

Fake artworks are real, tangible.

Real artworks are also tangible, but often trade at fake prices when they are priced multiple times higher than fake artworks that provide an experience indistinguishable from real artworks.

Way Of Way 364

The time before the now is the time before time, the place of infinite possibilities.

In the now, we are the manifestations of those possibilities.

When we realize each manifestation is everchanging and the now is forever unchanged, we can return to the time before the now.

Way Of Way 362

Awakening dispenses with boredom, as every moment is unlike another.

Way Of Way 361

Life is a play; at times a drama, at times a comedy. Upon realizing it’s a play, dramas and are funnier than comedies.

Way Of Way 359

The mind can be a dark place, when we don’t open our eyes and see the light.

Way Of Way 357

Some things are less perfect than other things which themselves are not quite perfect. Only the now is perfect, as there is nothing else.

Way Of Way 384

Money is a beautiful thing as it equates the value of all exchangeable things. Yet, money is often ugly in the context of our personal relationship with it.

Way Of Way 355

Unsolicited advice might come from the heart, but often debuts as a bowel movement; a relief to the provider, but a put-off to the recipient.

Way Of Way 353

The goal of a man of wisdom is to make food of happy memories to feast on at the end of days.

Way Of Way 352

When you recognize God in every thing, that’s who you are: God.

Way Of Way 351

The mind is like a hand, only open when it lets go of whatever it holds tight.

Way Of Way 350

The mind is self-perpetuating. We need it to solve problems, but it creates more problems as it solves problems.

Way Of Way 344

Love expressed by the soul is unconditional, unlike love expressed by the self which is conditional.

Love from soul is gold, while love from the self is fool’s gold. A simple acid test can determine whether love comes from the soul or the self.

The test is how do we feel when someone we love engages sexually with someone else. If our love is from the soul, we are happy for them and for whomever they were intimate, as how can we not be happy with the thought of people enjoying themselves. If our love issues from the self, we are angry, jealous, sad or have other unpleasant states of mind.

Way Of Way 343

Love is love. From where it issues is of little immediate matter as love is love.

However, over time, love that flows from the self is temporary; at times running dry as it transitions into other emotional expressions. Love that flows from the soul is eternal, as the only emotional expression of the soul is love.

Moreover, love from the self is conditional, while love from the soul is unconditional.

Love from the self is proclaimed with “I love you.” Love from the soul is expressed as “We love you.” “We” are the gods. Those who don’t recognize everyone is god cannot love unconditionally.

Way Of Way 342

That upon which we focus our attention is seemingly real and in turn makes us oblivious of everything else about us. However, the seemingly real is but an illusion, as it is but a facet of the infinite and everchanging faces of one thing: God.

Way Of Way 341

Religions are like sheep.

Their wool warms and protects us.

Their bodies provide us sustenance.

But, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They may make us feel comfortable and safe,

but their only interest is to sustain themselves.

Way Of Way 340

There is a nameless place; before time begins; before we are born; before things become the now; a place of infinite possibilities.

While no one ever speaks badly of this nameless place, we often curse what comes from it. By doing so, we are not encouraging that place to send us something we will cherish.

Way Of Way 339

We don’t need to worry about the future as that will be what it will be. However, we need to worry about the past, what we remember and how we remember it, as that will frame how we experience the present.

Way Of Way 338

Those who appreciate life are on the way to happiness. Those who focus on trying to understand life may lose their way.

Way Of Way 337

The luckiest are those who recognize they have been lucky, for they will recognize other lucky opportunities that come their way.


Way Of Way 335

The universe is made up of matter. Our world is made up of stories.

Way Of Way 333

The self and the soul have a symmetrical relationship, laughing at each other.

As the self cannot see the soul, the self laughs at those who identify with the soul; thinking they are fools.

As the soul sees people taking seriously the illusions created by the self, the soul laughs.

But, as the self is temporary and the soul eternal, the soul has the last laugh.

Way Of Way 156

Much of what we undoubtedly think we see as reality is just a movie projected from our mind. To see reality we need to close our mind and open our eyes.

Way Of Way 318

In a world in which we can have innumerable pronouns, we’re allowed only one ideology.

“According to the survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 44 percent of those aged 25-34 think “referring to someone by the wrong gender pronoun (he/him, she/her) should be a criminal offense,” versus just 31 percent who disagree.” — Newsweek

Way Of Way 316

My purpose each day is to create the sound of people laughing, with me or at me. Either way, we are harmoniously connected and the world is a safe place.

WoW 422

While a lie may initially hide the truth, when the truth is revealed the lie ultimately reveals more than it hides.

WoW 423

Why I loved my father is why he hated me. I thought it was funny when he got angry, but he didn’t get the joke.