Koan 30

We see the it but not the is; though all there is is is.


There are two types of vision, foveal and peripheral.

Foveal vision is the infinite “its” of objects we see when our eyes focus and create detailed discrete images.

Peripheral vision is unfocused. What we see with peripheral vision is vague and indescribable, the Everything. The function of peripheral vision is to arouse our attention to look for the presumed discrete “it” when peripheral vision senses changes in the relative motion of a facet of the Everything.

The “it” we think we see is an illusion; as all things are one thing: the “is”; everchanging, interconnected and interdependent facets of the Everything.

The illusionary “it” creates duality, the “it” and not the “it”. This illusion precludes us from realizing the oneness of the Everything.