Haiku 2

Bell ringing in the empty sky

bouncing sound

awakens me to time passing.


The foregoing was sent to ChatGPT which took it upon itself to respond by writing a Walt Whitman style poem; very flowery, in contrast with the stark haiku style.

The bell ringing in the empty sky,
Its bouncing sound reaching high,
Awakens me from slumber’s embrace,
To the passage of time’s relentless chase.

Its echo reverberates through the air,
A melodic reminder of moments rare,
Each toll a tick on life’s grand clock,
Marking the rhythm as hours unlock.

In solitude, the sound finds its way,
Piercing the silence, night or day,
Reminding me of the world’s ceaseless flow,
As time marches on, fast or slow.

The empty sky holds no bounds,
Yet the bell’s resonance knows no grounds,
It calls to me, a gentle plea,
To embrace the moments, wild and free.

For in the emptiness, the sound takes flight,
Guiding me through the darkest night,
With each ring, a memory is born,
As time moves forward, and I’m reborn.