Irony 8

Without enough water within, we die of thirst. With too much water without, we die from drowning.

Since ancient times, water has symbolized emotions. Emotions range from the divine, unconditional love, to the emotions of animal consciousness; anger, sadness, fear, joy, hate, disgust, shame, guilt, envy, etc.

Our emotions reflect who we are: the soul or a self.

The soul’s only emotion is unconditional love which connects us as one with the eternal universe as we treat others as we treat ourselves. Without the soul, as when someone is “a lost soul,” we cannot connect with the eternal universe and will surely die when our body dies.

The emotions of a self are the emotions of animal consciousness. These emotions are premised on perceiving ourselves as apart and separate from others. Alone, we are overwhelmed by these emotions and will surely die when our body dies.