The Way Of The Way 286

The Transition is the third and last act in the play of life, “Terrific.” The Transition is the way of the soul from its manifestation as our bodily form to its essence, as it was before it manifested. The soul is every-thing before it is what it is whatever it is and before time begins. As the soul is eternal, those who realize their identify as soul never die. As the soul’s manifestations are temporary, those who identify with the soul’s manifestation, their bodily form, surely die. Moreover, whether we identify as soul determines our experience in the play of life.

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism talk of endless cycles of death and rebirth. This is not about who we were before we were physically born. It is about every day as a life in a day, not a day in a life. As such, in our physical lifetime we go through thousands of daily deaths and rebirths. In rebirth, we are reincarnated as the person we were last lifetime, yesterday, with that person’s memories and stories which frame our experience in the play of life. That’s karma. Karma precludes us from experiencing reality as it is, all a temporary manifestation of the soul.

Much due to our needless desires generated by our karma, each lifetime is fraught with suffering; when we are not grateful and happy that we have all we need. However, we can free ourselves from this suffering by realizing our ultimate purpose in life, to escape from the prison of endless reincarnations by realizing our soul or divine consciousness. This is Nirvana.

Gratitude and freedom from the karmic prison into which we are reborn are the foundation of unity with the soul, enlightenment.