Before and after the now, the sole thing that is is the soul, the everything. In the now, every thing is the everything.

Upon our manifestation in bodily form, we assume a temporary self which disappears when our body is no longer.

As every thing is a manifestation of the soul, the soul is what connects every thing as one thing, the everything. This connection is called love.

Unlike the soul, the self views itself as apart and separate from every thing that it perceives as not its self. The self connects with every thing with ever-changing emotions like joy, hate, love, anger, indifference, envy, etc.

Our experience of life is a function of how we connect, through the soul or our self.

In a world inherently hostile to the self-sustainment of our bodily form, we need the self to survive. When we do so, we experience life with the emotions of our self. However, when we are not oblivious we are eternally the soul, we can return from the emotional rollercoaster of our self to the eternal love that is the soul; where there is peace beyond words and every thing is absolutely beautiful. That is the purpose of this blook, to guide us to the realization we are the soul.