John Carter

In The Light


Take a memory

What is it really

A movie that plays in the mind

What’s it like

What’s it made of

Can you touch it

Hold it

Is it always there

Is it the same every time

Does it shape itself around how you’re feeling

Is it reliable

Look at it

Watch it

As it changes from one day to the next, one year to the next


Until what was vivid, becomes thin, vapid, and dissolves

Like an old movie reel


And forgotten


What of the future

What is it made of

Without memories

Without the scaffolding of the past

How can it stand

Is it not made of a better version of the past

Without something to revise

What would it be


And there’s now

What is this

The light

Only the light


All light

Scour the past

Hope for the future

For the holy light

The blessed light

The heavenly light

The light of God

Yet it can only be found here

Stripped of adjectives

Reduced of rank

Beyond comparison


To see the light

Is merely to look

It is inescapable

We are

As is everything

Only the light

The past and future

Swallowed and digested in the light of now

Then this

Spreads in all directions



Locked in

In eternity

In the light

All is lost

Nothing revealed