Maze Puzzle

A maze puzzle is a metaphor of our approach to life; focusing on achieving specific goals or a journey of exploration and self-discovery

The conventional approach to solving a maze puzzle is starting from the edge until we find our way to the middle. This is a goal-oriented approach, like seeking a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and upon temporarily realizing our goal we still find ourselves surrounded by the puzzle.

Alternatively, we can start from the middle to find our way out of the maze. Once out, we are “free;” we find ourselves beyond the puzzle, though where we are cannot be described.

Going into the maze puzzle is descending into a rabbit hole. Coming out is arising to the light.

Google Bard describes mindset of those who start at the edge vs those who start at the middle:

Starting from the edge:

  • Methodical thinkers: Those who prefer a step-by-step approach and logically navigate through challenges might start from the edge to follow a systematic path.
  • Safety-conscious individuals: People who prefer to avoid dead ends and deadlocks might start at the edge to ensure a clear path forward.
  • Traditionalists: Those who follow established norms and conventional methods might start from the edge as it’s the most common approach.
  • Pragmatists: Individuals who focus on the most efficient solution might start from the edge as it offers a clear path to reach the destination.

Starting from the middle:

  • Independent thinkers: People who prefer to forge their own path and explore the unknown might start in the middle to avoid any preconceived notions of direction.
  • Risk-takers: Those who enjoy a challenge and are comfortable with uncertainty might find the middle a more exciting starting point.
  • Holistic thinkers: People who prefer to see the big picture and analyze all options at once might start in the center to get a sense of the maze’s overall layout.
  • Creative problem solvers: Individuals who enjoy unconventional approaches might find the middle a unique way to tackle the puzzle.