Karen Uppal

“The way to live eternal life is in a state of perpetual orgasm.”

Two ways confirm our oneness with the universe, meditation and orgasm.

In meditation, in the pause between breaths, our self disappears and all that remains is nothing; which is every-thing in the universe before it is what it is whatever it is and before time begins.

Orgasm is the Big Bang, the initial manifestation of the universe. At the Big Bang, like in nothingness, we are one with everything as everything is one thing, the Big Bang.

Often uttered at the moment of orgasm is “oh my God” and “please don’t stop, don’t stop.” That is, orgasm is an experience of the divine, as in divine consciousness, when we are one with everything. As well, we have no desire to return to our self, but only to remain eternally in orgasmic bliss.