The Present And The Now

Consciousness is binary,

the present and the now.

The present and the now seem synonymous

but are mutually exclusive,


and interdependent

as one cannot exist without the other.

The present is the pre-sent,

the time before the universe is sent out as expressions of itself.

The now is when our senses initially experience the universe expressing itself.

Time doesn’t exist in the pre-sent.

In the pre-sent eternity lies.

The now is the beginning of time.

All other time,

past and future,

are illusions created by our mind.

The present is the beginningless and endless time

before a gong is struck,

shattering silence and awaking us to the now.

In the now we hear its sound,

initially powerful

and then slowly drifting away

until only silence remains,

the present.

The present is the space

between exhale and inhale.

Inhaling and exhaling is the now.