VAT: The devil’s bargain

We have freedom of speech as long as no one is listening.

This blog has had over time as many as 465 subscribers and now has 235. While subscriptions are gratis, no one has subscribed independent of my introduction. This apparent failure to gain traction has benefited the blog, allowing me to say whatever I wish about socially, politically and religiously sensitive issues. Success, as in Facebook, begets scrutiny and pushback which in turn leads to repression, the devil’s bargain. Best I stay away from Twitter, Instagram and other social megaphones that might help the blog gain a larger audience.

I suspect that over time, perhaps after the time of my transition out of here, the views conveyed in this blog will be embraced and helpful to many in making the most of their experience on this planet; not unlike my buying Polish bank debt at 15 cents on a dollar when everyone thought I was nuts, until I sold them to the general public at 70 a couple of years later.