VAT: The Key to success is luck

Luck is when we find ourselves in opportunistic situations and make appropriate choices to realize the opportunities which in turn bring us success.

To “get lucky” we need to constantly be on the lookout for luck. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Fools often have bad luck.

Luck happens everywhere but in some contexts more than others. Work is where lots of luck can be had. Hence, best to look for luck while working. The longer we work the longer we look, increasing the chances we will see luck coming. When luck arrives we recognize it immediately as we anticipated its arrival. We then embrace it fully and enjoy a ride to success.

Those who have been successful and feel their success was a function of their abilities, dismiss luck. Hence, they don’t look out for luck and when luck comes by luck passes them by. This leads them to realize mediocre outcomes at best or their demise at worst. In others words, they become unlucky.

Those who know their success was more luck than anything else, work long hours and keep an eye out for luck. And they keep getting lucky.