William Wisher

“Unfortunately, most people don’t get it. They will, but they’ll have to die first before they understand that they don’t.”

We don’t die, just transition from one form to another. That which is alive and that which is not are no different; only differentiated by our mind; all manifestations of God; all unique and all the same. Is the breathing of the ocean and its shattering sound at the shore not as alive as we are? Everything is like bubbles in a glass of sparkling water, appearing out of nowhere and becoming one with everything when reaching the top of the glass and seemingly disappearing.

Many of us recognize that the only constant in the universe is change; that no one or anything dies, just transitions. Those are believers. But few realize (know) that’s the way the system works. Those who do are the enlightened. This realization protects them from taking their current circumstances, current events and themselves too seriously. They make their journey through life a joyous experience and give their hand to others so that they may join them; though few do. The others just wake up to this reality when it’s their time to seemingly die.