The Way Of The Way 147

God may or may not exist. If God exists, presumably we will meet God when we transition out of  this life. Then, God will ask us: “How is the life I gave you?” Grateful for God’s gift, we want to respond that “it is terrific.” However, if that is not our experience, we need be truthful as God knows the entirety of our life experience. If there is a day of our lives we don’t deeply appreciate with gratitude, God knows that.

God put us on Earth to enjoy ourselves every day, realize our potential and help others likewise. If that is not our experience, we are not doing as God has commanded and God punishes us. God, seeing we are suffering, will think we enjoy suffering. Thus, our punishment will be to eternally suffer. When we have a day that’s not terrific, it feels like eternity.

Some days are difficult. But, they could always be worse. Thus, we always need be grateful. Gratitude makes for a terrific day.

Either way, whether we believe the God narrative or not, we are fools if we don’t have a wonderful day.