VAT: A life in a day

Live each day as it’s your first and last.

Live each day as it’s your first day of life. Everything is now new and unique, engaging your attention and arousing your curiosity; observe and experience. You are now present. You are now alive.

Live each day as it’s your last day of life. Do all you would otherwise regret not having done before you died. Your life now has purpose.

In reality, each day is the first and last of life. Each night we die and are reborn anew the following day, similar in circumstances but unlike the person we were yesterday, however much we effort to identify with that person. Each day is not a day in a life but a life in a day.

A good life is living as the first and the last day of life are the same. Hence, distinctions (as most distinctions) such as first and last are meaningless.

Best to make the most of our daily life by living it fully and helping others experience it likewise which in turn enhances our experience.