Evening Prayer

Even-ing is when we are all made even; the smart, the stupid, the rich, the poor; all even, equal, in sleep-death. In sleep-death, our soul returns to its source where all souls are sole, one, even.

Evening Prayer

Oh eternal universe.

Oh endless universe.

Oh ever-changing universe.

Oh timeless universe.

Thank you all for giving me a role in the play of life, “Terrific.”

Thank you for divine consciousness.

Now, in sleep-death

my soul returns to its source

to which it has always been connected

to be one with everything

before everything becomes something

that is what it is whatever it is and before time begins.

Hopefully soon, my soul returns and awakens the vessel holding the light of life.


Life begins not upon our awakening, but in sleep-death. A wonderful Earth life awaits us upon awakening when we enter sleep-death in a happy state of mind. In the Evening Prayer we express our gratitude. Gratitude is the essence of happiness.